Colours and Finishes

At My Dream Space our quartz countertops are available in over 60 colours and different finishes. Find theĀ  Colour you need. There are an infinite number of ways to combine these quartz colours, and these in turn offer endless artistic and functional possibilities.



Transform you kitchen into a unique space with our beautiful countertops.

We stock the very best quartz surface with 25 years warranty, which allows you to configure your space however you want, combining its wide range of colours and textures by maximising the use of the space.

The continuity can flow in your kitchen with our products you can cover the flooring, walling, backsplash, front or downstand of your countertop. It is a material that can embrace its environment.



Our work surfaces are a highly resistant, engineered material made of natural quartz and binding resins. Quartz is the toughest material available on the market for building countertops. It is scratch and scorch proof, so the average kitchen accident will not harm the material. Nonetheless, you should be careful with excessive pressure and heat.

Our countertops have a nonporous texture, which makes them resistant to stains, as they do not absorb liquids. Therefore, you will have no problem in cleaning the accidental spill of wine or coffee. This texture also makes it extra safe, as it is difficult for pathogens to develop on its surface. Moreover, the National Sanitation Foundation and the Greenguard Environmental Institute have certified them as a low-emitting product, which makes it perfect for use in the kitchen.


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