Bathrooms and Wetrooms

Whether you want to bring an authentic traditional design into your home with a grand country bathroom, a quaint dash of old house charm or a more modern innovative design, we have the best selection of bathrooms available at My Dream Space.In addition to delightful bathrooms our wetrooms also add luxury, style and visual appeal to a home, and provide the perfect showering space even in the smallest areas. They create a sense of space, dedicated to luxury and relaxation which can’t be achieved with a traditional bath and shower combination.Wetrooms can be easily installed anywhere, from a ground floor space to a loft conversion, and their walk-in or walk-through design makes them accessible to everyone. They’re easy to clean and maintain, and with Impey WaterGuard® available from My Dream Space your walls and floors are completely protected. The perfect leak-free, risk-free solution, for any location

Manor Bathrooms and Wetrooms

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Cottage Bathrooms and Wetrooms

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Ultra Modern Bathrooms and Wetrooms

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